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The Family Office Approach to Managing Wealth


The traditional way of investing simply isn’t going to cut it in today’s low interest rate environment and an equity market that is in the later stages of its growth profile. But there is a model out there that has proven to work, one that Family Offices have deployed for years – the family Chief Investment Officer (CIO).


As a Family CIO, our work with high net worth families starts with a no cost introduction session to see if there is a fit between our services and what the client is trying to achieve. If the decision is to proceed to the next step, the team will undertake a thorough review of the family’s family’s estate, wills, household assets, and budgeting including current & future income/spending requirements.

All of this is then used to derive a cash flow and corresponding capital asset forecast reflected within a formalized wealth plan.  The final step is to use this working document to custom design an investment portfolio to meet the family’s goals and objectives while taking as little risk as possible.

All of this adds a level of predictability and certainty about the family’s financial future and what they hope to achieve which can include tax minimized wealth transfers or as simple as ensuring enough is saved to preserve a certain lifestyle during retirement.

When it comes to our investment process, our Family Office Investment Program (FOIP) utilizes global passive and active public market portfolios along with risk-managed, low-volatility strategies. For those with larger portfolios there can also be a component of private equity, direct co-investing, venture cap, private debt, and real estate. The goal is to be able to generate a specific rate of return through all market environments to meet a family’s goals and objectives.

While this program was originally run for families with in excess of $10 million, we have implemented systems to currently make it available to all high net worth investors including entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and retirees.









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