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Our Mission


Helping high net worth families meet their goals and objectives


At TriVest, we work closely with our clients in mapping out their specific goals and objectives and then working with them to help protect and growth their wealth in order meet these targets while taking as little risk as possible.


Our Family Office Investment Program allows us to then custom design, build and risk manage a clients wealth to maximize the probability of achieving individual goals such as ensuring sufficient funding of a desired lifestyle in retirement and/or a tax-efficient transfer of an estate that encompasses multi-gernational and philanthropic planning.


Finally, if you are interested in following us and learning more about our Family Office approach to wealth management we publish a monthly TriVest Market Digest highlighting some of our risk management strategies, education pieces and unique views on the market. Simply click here to subscribe.


Martin Pelletier is also a weekly columnist in the Financial Post's Investment Pro section whereby he provides outside-the-box articles on various investing topics. Finally, we are also very active on Social Media including Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook.