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TriVest is regularly featured in the media with our views on the stock market, the investment business, the economy, and oil & gas.





  • BNN – Martin was a featured guest for Catherine Murray in a two part series: Part 1, Part 2

  • BNN - Martin was the feature guest for Andrew Bell in a three part series on the markets, oil prices, corrections, NAFTA, Canadian dollar etc.: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

























































































  • Martin Pelletier was interviewed via a live online chat on a special piece to the Financial Post on Canadian energy.



  • Craig Stanford was recently quoted in the Investment Executive article entitled "Protect against rising interest rates with ETFs."


  • Martin Pelletier was interviewed on BNN regarding his views on the pick-up in M&A activity in the Canadian junior energy sector.


  • The longer prices stay at these levels, the greater comfort investors have with oil stocks, and capital will once again work its way into the sector,” - Martin Pelletier in the Globe and Mail.


  • Martin was interviewed on BNN regarding his views on TransCanada, and general hedging strategies for the oil and gas sector.





  • Following a Reuters interview, Martin Pelletier was recently featured in a number of articles in regards to the Canadian federal government's rejection of the Petronas-Progress deal: Calgary Herald, Globe and Mail, National Post, Chicago Tribune.


  • Martin participated in a live interview with BNN in two segments: part one and part two.




  • Investing lessons in One of the World's Most Volatile Sectors - interview featuring Martin Pelletier.


  • Martin's live interview on CTV National Affairs on why oil and gasoline prices are rising despite poor demand. 


  • Interviews with La Presse - Martin Pelletier



  • Shale gas is not dead, just resting - Reuters




Martin Pelletier is a weekly columnist to the Financial Post Investment Pro section entitled "On the Contrary"


Some of Martin's more recent Financial Post articles include:​




Martin Pelletier was interviewed by Fox Business news on three warnings signs that you need to find a new investment adviser.

TriVest was also featured in the May 2014 Investment Executive Magazine  - ETF Guide for Financial Advisors.


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