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TriVest Wealth Counsel Ltd. is a Western Canadian based Investment Management firm that works primarily with high net worth families providing risk-managed investment oversight, review and asset allocation.


Our years of direct investment experience include creating and managing investment funds, heading up the private client division of a multi-billion dollar AUM firm, senior board level experience, and working in capital markets advising both corporations and global institutional investment managers.


Why we started the firm


Following an extensive career expanding over a combined 35 years working primarily at larger independent investment firms, Craig Stanford and Martin Pelletier founded TriVest Wealth Counsel Ltd. The name TriVest comes from our three founding principles: TRI or Trust, Risk-Management, and Integrity.

The firm was set up following the financial crisis in late 2008 early 2009 as we observed a need for a wealth planning approach to investing. In particular, our work with large family offices lead us to bring this service to high net worth families looking to benefit from the same strategies being deployed including a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach.

How is your wealth being managed?


Few in the industry take a goals-based approach to managing client wealth. This means there may be no particular reason behind how a portfolio is designed other than to try and beat the market. This can lead to performance chasing or trying to time the market both of which can add a lot of uncertainty into your investment portfolio and end up preventing you from achieving your goals.

A great starting point is to review what is actually driving your portfolio returns and then making adjustments for your circumstances rather than just the market conditions at the time (which rebalancing will take care of). This means determining the target return specific to your personal situation, and keeping track of how well you are achieving it. So in reviewing your current asset allocation as written up within your Investment Policy Statement, ask about the specific details backstopping your weightings to equities and fixed income and how they tie back to your personal situation.

Finally, look to implement some form of risk-management into the portfolio design and construction process. This means utilizing low-correlated assets and ensuring that you are properly diversified among asset classes, size, geography and style/valuation. Sometimes it pays to keep it simple and look for a mix among global large cap, mid cap, small cap and a bit of REITs optimized for your situation including factoring in tax management. Beware of off-the-shelf allocation and portfolio construction software: no two investors are the same with regard to their goals and objectives, so why should their portfolios be?

Family Office approach to wealth management


We set the firm up to assist our clients manage their wealth the way we believe it should be done with a focus on both risk and return, direct accountability through a legal fiduciary duty, asset protection, fair and transparent fees, and regular and consistent communication. Our investment process and philosophy encompasses the use of asset class and multi-strategy diversification in the portfolio design and construction process in order to maximize the probability of achieving individual goals and objectives.

  • Risk-management: Each portfolio is reviewed to ensure some form of protection is in place to manage downside risks during periods of excess volatility while positioning for growth during periods of expansion.

  • Professional Accreditation: TriVest Wealth is currently licensed as Investment Counsel, Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager. Additionally, all of our Portfolio Managers are CFA Charterholders.

  • Fiduciary Duty: We have a legal fiduciary duty to each of our clients not unlike a lawyer or accountant.

  • Institutional Fees: We offer a fair, transparent and aligned fee structure and discounted institutional pricing on the external managers. We also have our own capital invested alongside our clients.

  • Protection of Assets: We utilize a third-party custodian, Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC, to safe guard our clients' assets.

  • Communication: We provide regular and consistent communication to our clients through our monthly market update, quarterly strategy review, and one-on-one meetings.



If you have any questions or would like to review your family's wealth plan please fill out the email request in the "Contact" tab or call us directly. We treat all inquiries with the utmost discretion.

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