Family Office Investment Program


Our Family Office Investment Program is one-stop solution providing a multi-strategy institutional approach to managing their wealth. This means deriving investment return objectives that are independent of what others are doing and determining if they are realistic in the context of the current market environment. The next step is to amalgamate a portfolio of strategies that are not highly correlated to each other in such a way to achieve those target returns while minimizing the level of risk taken.

Such a strategy frequently involves moving away from the traditional 60 per cent equity and 40 per cent bond portfolio to one that includes a mix among other asset classes. In our case, we diversify among numerous risk-managed strategies within our Family Office Investment Program by utilizing our own in-house option overlay complimented by the best managers in each respective category that includes Dynamic Asset allocation, Low Volatility, Quality and Value, Alternatives, Passive and Private Equity.

When it comes to selecting an investment manager in each of the aforementioned strategies, we look for those with a proven investment practice and philosophy, demonstrated expertise along with a fair fee structure, and transparent reporting. Finally, we are not compensated in any manner nor receive any referral fees with all fee savings passed along directly to the clients.


What to expect

  • Family wealth planning including cash flow and capital asset forecasting

  • Review of trusts and estates

  • Consolidated reporting and centralized custody

  • Exclusive access to world-class institutional managers

  • Portfolio design and implementation

  • Risk management design and oversight

  • Fund selection and asset allocation

  • Private equity and other non-public investments

  • Office use for personal family/business meetings

  • Family investment coaching, will and estate planning and review

  •  Access to network of family office services including Tax and Estate Planning, Family and Business Coaching, Accounting and Book Keeping.


















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