Wellington-Altus Private Counsel Inc. (WAPC) is a portfolio management and investment fund management firm (formerly known as TriVest Wealth Counsel Ltd.) and member of the Wellington-Altus Holdings Inc. group of companies (Wellington- Altus).


Wellington-Altus, which includes Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc., one of the fastest-growing investment dealers in Canada, and Wellington-Altus USA Inc., a registered investment advisory firm in the United States, has more than $10 billion in consolidated assets under administration and offices across Canada. Wellington-Altus identifies with larger, independently focused investment advisors and portfolio managers and their private clients.


WAPC operates as TriVest Wealth Counsel in Alberta and British Columbia and provides risk-managed investment solutions, including cross border financial planning services through Wellington-Altus, for high net worth families.


TriVest provides risk-managed investment solutions for high net worth families, private clients, endowments, foundations and First Nations. This is undertaken via a Family Office approach to wealth management by assisting our clients in achieving their specific investment objectives while minimizing the level of risk taken in doing so. For example, many wonder if they will have enough to fund a desired lifestyle in retirement or leave a specific amount in their estate for tax-efficient multi-generational and philanthropic planning.

This is completed by undertaking a comprehensive wealth plan effectively mapping out the specific investment return demands placed on a client’s assets. This goals-based approach is especially helpful when it comes to not only estate planning and tax management but also in determining asset mix and portfolio diversification.

For larger clients with over $25 million in investable assets the firm provides an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) service including fiduciary oversight, governance and compliance in the design of a formalized investment policy statement and the review and oversight of investments (both public and private).


Finally, our investment approach is specifically designed to minimize the level of risk taken to achieve each client's specific goals. This is completed through the use of Passive, Active, Private and Risk-Managed strategies including a combination of our own in-house risk-managed fund, exchange traded funds and exclusive access to world-class external managers (long-only, alternative, and venture capital) that have demonstrated a long-term track record of creating superior risk-adjusted returns. The ability to segregate security holdings is also available in order to minimize the tax impact of transitioning an existing portfolio.

We take the security of our clients' wealth quite seriously. This is why their investments are held with Fidelity Clearing Canada, a subsidiary of U.S.-based Fidelity Investments, a privately held firm with more than $3.7 trillion in assets under administration.

For further information about our wealth planning and investment services, please contact us at: 1.888.827.6781 or inquiry@trivestwealth.com.










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